Bas Gosman,

Born in 1987 in The Netherlands. I was raised in a little town near Utrecht.

In 2012 I moved to Den Bosch, one of the bigger city’s in the southern part of the Netherlands. This is the city where I attend my current education at AKV St. Joost, my fourth education.

The field of this study is called Graphic Design. I have added a personal touch to this study with a specialisation in philosophy. The reason I have choosen philosophy as a specialisation is the way I want to be as a Graphic Designer.


In my profession as a Graphic Designer I produce the means that companies use to communicate and persuade their target group. That means I am responsible for the thoughts of consumers and I stimulate idea’s.

If you want to persuade or manipulate your audience, you need to be aware of what drives them and of the consequences.


As a Graphic Designer you have the means of visual communication as a tool, a way of communicating that is not limited by borders

As a Graphic Designer I am able to inform and influence people around the world.